Modern Regency romances

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Eloisa James’ The Weeks with Lady X is a much sweeter Regency romance than the title might lead you to think. In it Eloisa James tells a social version of Beauty and the Beast.

Her hero Thorn is not physically deformed, but he is scarred by being the bastard son of a Duke. And even though his eccentric father has embraced all of his illegitimate children; Thorn still feels like an outcast.

Thorn hopes to redeem himself through marriage to a well-born, gentle young woman. Her family needs his fortune, but first he must placate her outrageous snob of a mother. So Thorn hires the ton’s favourite decorator, Lady Xenobia India, to refurbish his newly-purchased country estate. He knows that he needs an impressive setting to impress the family of the young woman he wishes to marry.

Practicality, not love, is behind Thorn’s selection of a bride. He doesn’t hope for, or believe in, love but he wants quiet a domestic life and good mother for his future children. What he does not count on is his instant and incendiary attraction to the intelligent and beautiful Lady X.

Eloise James’s bestselling, modern novels have the drama and flare that lie at the core of a traditional Regency, but with more spice and sizzle to appeal to the today’s romance lovers. The Weeks with Lady X is full of banter, suspense, and sexy sizzle. James’s characters are 18599725endearing and dimensional for novels of this type. Fans of the genre will love it.

Dark, brooding and irresistible 

Abigail Weston has always been the sensible Weston daughter. Beautiful, kind, and an heiress, Abigail has learned to keep her heart in check and spot fortune hunters. So when she meets Sebastian Vane she and everyone else are surprised by her attraction to the dark, brooding gentleman. But Vane is penniless, plagued by scandal, and lame from a war injury.

Vane sees himself as broken man who is too poor and infirm to attract a wife. So, when he meets Abigail by chance in the woods he tries to avoid her, but she won’t stay away. Soon Vance is thawed by her warmth and bewitched by her beauty.  When a twist of fate changes his life, he finally allows himself to hope for love again.  It Takes a Scandal by Caroline Linden is the tale of these two star-crossed lovers.  Linden’s characters are appealing and the plot is full of drama and love’s longing.  As with all modern Regency romances the love story is sweet and sexy.