Workout better to the beat

Anne Gravel reviews iphone/ipod apod workout appsSince I’m not exactly a high-energy cardio-aficionado type, listening to music while I do my cardio is a must.   Not only does it keep boredom at bay but it also motivates me to work a little harder.

iSweat2theBeat is an i-Phone/i-Pod application database of 70,000 songs that are classified by beats per minute (bpm) and music genre.   First you select the type of cardio you like to do: Walking, running, cycling or elliptical. Then you do a short test to determine the beats per minute pace at which you exercise. 
Honestly, I wasn’t huge on the beat per minute aspect. I thought it was only bang on half the time, but I thought the application was a really fun way to help you create new workout play lists. I’m always looking for new high-energy workout music and sometimes I run out of ideas, so this application was helpful.
This is a cheap way to discover new music. Although it was listed at $1.99 I got it for 99 cents. The program doesn’t include the actual music. It invites you to download from iTunes. If you prefer to purchase all of your music, this can get a little expensive.