CSI in the 18th century!

In Island of Bones, Imogen Robertson continues the adventures of detectives Harriet Westerman and Gabriel Crowther.   The unlikely duo met in the first book, Instruments of Darkness. They continued  their detecting in London in Anatomy of Murder.
This third investigation takes them to the Lake District in North West England. This famous vacation area is also associated with the writing of William Wordsworth and the “Lake Poets”.
Crowthers is an” anatomist” or scientist who solves crimes by dissecting bodies. Although set in the 18th century, the tales have a distinctly modern tone at times as the duo collect and analyze evidence.
In Island of Bones the mystery takes a personal turn when the duo is called to identify a skeleton. The tomb of the First Earl of Greta has been disturbed and there is one too many sets of bones in the tomb. Crowther's family now owns the land where to tomb is located. Crowther has tried to put his tortured and blotted family history behind him by living a quiet, isolated life as a scientist and investigator.
To solve the mystery of the disturbed tomb, Gabriel Crowthers will have to face ghosts from his past as well as reveal dangerous secrets. At his side is his loyal friend, the practical and astute Mrs. Westerman.
The marvelous chemistry between these two unlikely friends makes Island of Bones a delight!
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