Is your bag a mess?

The small PurseN  fits perfectly in this bagRecently, I tried a PurseN organizer and it turned my life – well, let’s just say, my purse – around! 

Till now, I seldom changed handbags from event to event as it’s just too much of a bother. I usually carry my essential credit cards, business cards, and driver’s license in two cute metal cases. I transfer those with a comb, lipstick, gloss, keys, Binaca into my small evening clutch when I need to, and go! That is it. Otherwise I grab my big black patent bag for the daily trek to the gym, and my stocked standby LV Alma bag for anything else.
Boring perhaps, but it works for me. What else could I do? We had looked at “organizers” before, but they were often big tacky and cheaply made. Neither I, nor my writers, could see putting them in to our nice handbags.
But now there are PurseN organizers, made of lovely fabrics and great designs with fabulous details. I have the small organizer in a leopard print. It fits easily into my medium-sized bag. Its well-designed compartments let me find all my essentials and transfer them in one swoop from bag to bag in no time. I only hope Hardeep the creator will make an extra-small one for clutch bags.
PurseN makes a full line of accessories in different colours and patterns. The packaging is lovely, so they make fabulous gifts. This wouldmake a great mother’s day gift!