Inside “Beverly Hills Nannies” with Marika Tsircou

Marika Tsircou with her son. Image by Byron Atienza
 Marika Tsircou is an artist, wife, and mother. She also stars in ABC Family’s popular reality show Beverly Hills Nannies.
Marika grew up in the Los Angeles suburb, where she now lives with her husband, an attorney, and their adorable 13-month-old son. An accomplished artist, she loves fashion, travel, and her two dogs. She agreed to tell us about her experience filming a reality show as well as share her tips on fashion and fitness.
DD: What surprised you most about being on a reality show? How was it different than you expected?
MT: How little of what you shoot that actually makes it onto the show surprised me. It was very fun to shoot, a little stressful to watch at times, though, with the editing. 
DD: What was the high point of filming Beverley Hills Nannies? And what was the low point?
MT: Meeting new people, being on TV, experiencing something new in life and working with so many great people and an amazing production company and network were all high points. The highest point though has been all my sweet fans on Twitter who have been so supportive and loving and who really get me. I've connected with a ton of moms and breastfeeding advocates like myself, which has been amazing. A whole new world of people has opened up and I consider my fans to be new friends. The low point, at times, was not liking who I was portrayed to be, not feeling as though it was my authentic self, though unfortunately that is simply the reality of being on reality TV.  🙂 
DD: Please describe your art and what inspires you?
MT:My paintings and photographs seek to make sense of the perils that one encounters in the journey through life, and raises issues such as physical pain and stereotypical beliefs. My work tells a story while broaching questions in both direct and abstract ways. After undergoing multiple neck surgeries resulting from competitive hunter/jumper horseback riding injuries, I know what it is to live with chronic pain and its repercussions. I instill parts of my own life into the work while offering attempts at explanations of how we navigate through life, conveying physical and emotional challenges. The BodyScape photographs contrast hardships with the external world, whereas the Candy Pill paintings delve abstractly into the internal world of struggle. Through my work I create images that are compelling and direct. I'm inspired by life experiences. 
DD: What are your fashion must-haves?
MT: I live two different fashion "lives" now that I have a baby. My daytime "baby" wardrobe must be machine washable and comfortable because I'm running around with a toddler all day, getting dirty along with him. Between the park and meal times, he changes outfits a few times a day and my clothes are dirty by the end of the day! So jeans, shorts, some great tee-shirts, tanks, blouses and maxi dresses are what I live in with my baby. For my nighttime/going out wardrobe, I love sexy dresses, maxi dresses that are fancier than my daytime down and dirty long dress, skinny pants, and sexy blouses. I always favor a great dress because I have to think less about things with a dress. 
DD: What is the secret of your fitness routine?
MT: Stroller walks in the hills with my baby and dogs, breastfeeding, and running after a toddler all day! 
DD: What are your favorite beauty must-haves?
MT: A great eye cream, mask, and sunscreen. I love the Skinceuticals line. 
DD: What is always in your handbag?
MT: Hand sanitizer (Purell for me and the alcohol-free kind for Xander), at least five different lip glosses and three different chapsticks, a mini sunscreen bottle, hand lotion, a baby teether, baby toys, a spare diaper, baby wipes, my Prada wallet, my Tiffany sunglasses, my iPhone, a ton of receipts that I've collected and never have time to throw out, business cards that people give me that get lost in my purse, baby shoes for when we go out and Xander wants to walk around. 
DD: Share three of your best fashion or beauty tips?
MT: 1) Regular monthly facials. I need to get a facial at least every six weeks, preferably every month but I don't have time anymore to go once a month. I am a firm believer in regular facials.  2) Always know that if you don't feel comfortable you won't look good. If you're tugging at a skirt that's too short or bra straps that show before you even leave the house, change your outfit!  3) A great pair of jeans (or five) are imperative and will take you from the playground paired with a basic white tee to a date night paired with a sexy blouse and fab heels. 
DD: What is the secret of surviving reality TV?
MT: The secret is being very comfortable and secure with whom you are because no matter whom you are and what you do people will judge you. Viewers can be very mean, and people are especially mean online when they are able to hide behind their anonymity. Even though it's nearly impossible you have to get to a place where you decide not to care what people think of you. Of course, it feels great to have amazing, loving, and supportive fans. I just read an article that Ashley Judd wrote that said five years into her acting career she decided not to read the positive or negative press about her because they were both irrelevant to who she knew herself to be. Hopefully someday I will be able to get to that place! 
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