The original CSI detectives are back!

In Anatomy of a Murder, the author, Imogen Robertson brings back her fascinating sleuths from her first novel, Instruments of Darkness.
As the story opens Mrs. Harriet Westerman’s husband is in the hospital. Captain Westerman has sustained a serious head injury and he seems to have lost his memory and reason.
Mrs. Westerman and her friend Gabriel Crowther have been called to London to assist in investigating a possible spy ring. Crowther is a scientist and a pioneering expert in forensics. Mrs. Westerman and Crowther are asked to examine a corpse that has washed up on the banks of Thames River. The authorities fear the body maybe connected to a dangerous French spy ring.
As they proceed with their investigation, the intrepid duo is drawn into a web of intrigue that reaches into Britain’s darkest slums as well as into its finest homes.
The plot will keep the most discerning mystery reader engaged with its twists and turns. Robertson deftly interweaves endearing romances with deft commentary on the manners of the period throughout the entertaining narrative.
If you are a fan of CSI or historical fiction, do not miss this new series.