Anti-aging potions

Eating a balanced diet of colourful fruits and vegetables will help to keep you young and beautiful as well as healthy. Fresh is best, but some of us find it is difficult to eat “a rainbow” every day, and as a result, we may not be getting all the antioxidants we should.

Pure Inventions is a shot of anti-oxidant goodness created by nutritionists. It has no caffeine, sugar, gluten, chemicals, alcohol, or artificial ingredients. It’s just a pure extract that you drop into water.
Every day, free radicals or damaged cells are released into the body due to aging, pollution, and other external factors. Free radical damage is the primary cause of aging; some experts believe it is the cause of disease. The combination of hydration and anti-oxidants give your immune system a real pick-me-up.
There are a selection of flavoured Green Tea Extracts, flavoured cocoa extracts, and the Fit and Slender formula to help control cravings.
Now there is a new Wild Cherry Apple + Resveratrol extract with trans-resveratrol and cherry athocyanins. I cannot wait to try this. This anti-aging compound helps to combat gout, arthritis, and many other age-related issues.