The sisterhood of lingerie

Deep in the Orthodox Jewish ghetto of Brooklyn is world of women who frequent basement shops that sell shoes, dresses, and lingerie. Ilana Stanger-Ross sets her tale, Sima’s Undergarments for Women in this warm, vibrant world, where women come to gossip and share their happiness and heartbreaks. It sounds, so trite, but Stanger-Ross has penned a tale that is authentic and universal.

Life changes for Sima, a 50-something woman, when Timna a beautiful, young Israeli woman enters her lingerie shop. Timna is fresh out of the army and looking for her place in a city she finds intimidating. Her youth and beauty stir feelings in Sima about her own life. She is forced to confront her feelings about never having had children, as well as secrets from her past as she bonds with Timna. The vibrant, tumultuous young woman forces Sima and her husband to look for what they lost years ago.
This powerful dynamic marriage and womanhood midlife plays out against the very serious business of buying lingerie.
This is a mesmerizing and enchanting tale about the sisterhood of women and also about finding yourself and daring to love. It elevates human emotion and relationships well above the usually trite handling of deep and universal themes.