Madcap romance

 I Heart Paris by Lindsey Kelk is a madcap modern romance.
Transplanted British blogger Angela Clark had her big break working for a fashion magazine. She is also a super successful blogger dishing on her romance with her hot, rocker boyfriend Alex.
Alex wants to take her to Paris for his big 30th birthday. Luckily she snags an assignment from her less-than-impressed new boss at the chic fashion mag, to write up the hip side of the City of Light. All is going so well until Angela lands in Paris and things start to fall apart.
This is the latest adventure for the protagonist, Angela. The snappy, insecure, lovable British writer is featured in Kelk’s previous, popular books, I Heart Hollywood and I Heart New York.
Kelk adds a dollop of dry wit and pith to situations every single girl can relate to. 
I Heart Paris is a perfect beach read!