Happy Holidays! from all of us -Gracey

Happy Holidays! from all of us -Gracey

Darlings, celebrating at the Winter Solstice feast is traditional in most cultures. It provides a break in the long dark winter and lightens the heart.  The mid-winter festivity was said to strengthen the will to survive to see another spring. What better reason to celebrate?! So my darlings, if the demands of the season flay your nerves, focus on celebrating a few days of light and music in the long dark winter and wonderful cycles of life. (Besides, the solstice is when the daylight hours start to get longer!)

Thank you to all our wonderful readers. We appreciate you and look forward to sharing 2014 with you.

And many thanks to all of our talented contributors and the fabulous professionals who collaborate with us on so many items and interviews. We couldn’t do it without you!

 To all of you we wish all the joys of holiday season and a very sweet New Year!

 DolceDolce will be on our Winter Solstice break to celebrate the holidays for the next few weeks.

We will return in the new year on Thursday January 9, 2014!


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Give someone who has everything the stars

dolceteleWhen someone has everything why not look to the heavens for inspiration?  

Orion StarBlast 4.5 Equatorial Reflector Telescope is an attractive, mid-range telescope.  I liked this telescope because it is attractive and would blend with many decors.  It is also a wide-field reflector telescope that will give a viewer get great views of the moon, planets, and many bright deep-sky objects.  It costs less than $200. The site has many other models and gifts all related to telescopes, in a wide range of prices. 

Or why not give a personal astrology reading? Few things are more fascinating than self-exploration.

Readings begin at $200 and include beautiful full colour charts and 45- 60 minute audio digital recording.



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