How to wear leggings

Ruched tunic over leggings by Victoria's Secret --very flattering!Leggings are back! They can be warm and cozy, as well as a fabulous wardrobe basic – if you know how to wear them. If you are tall and thin, leggings can look fabulously chic. Even if you are not blessed with a model’s build, you can sport the look — if you follow a few rules. They might even be slimming!

Look for leggings with plenty of spandex for added support. Do not buy cheap leggings that will show every bump and lump. Pair leggings with tunics or long sweaters that will skim over hips and thighs.
A ruched tunic, like this one from Victoria’s Secret, is very flattering as it covers the thighs and belly too. This pretty cotton tunic is just under $20 and comes in different colours
Sassybax legging "shape and lift'If you are petit, pair the leggings with a short boot or shootie for the illusion of a longer leg. Keep boots and leggings in the same colour too.
Love the chic boot cut by LisseSassybax makes great leggings that can help to shape your legs and lift your bottom.
These Lisse boot-cut shaping leggings are super flattering. The boot cut balances hips and the velvety fabric is chic.  
All these leggings are sold by online retailers and cost less than $100.