How to take a selfie

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You would think by now that most people could take a decent selfie. But a quick look at Facebook will tell you that many of us still need help. I don’t even try.

Beauty TV expert and YouTube sensation Julie G shares her tips for foolproof selfies this holiday season:

Find the right light. You want bright indirect light with no shadows on your face.   Julie G.

Avoid face products with sunscreen as they can create a white mask effect.

Make sure eyebrows are groomed. Well-shaped brows frame your face and give it dimension.

Take a few practice selfies to figure out which is your best side. Everyone has a “best side.” Turn the best side of your face slightly to the camera. You will notice models and actresses do this.

Pose with your neck elongated and your face pushed forward. It may feel awkward, but it looks great in photos and it eliminates the possibility of a double chin.