Flatter your face

Kate Hudson in a perfectly fitted and flattering strapless dressThe right neckline or collar can make you look pounds slimmer and accent your best
features. The wrong neckline can be as disastrous as a bad haircut. But with a few tips and tricks you can avoid common mistakes and even adapt necklines to better suit your face.
Round or square shaped faces
Women with round and square faces look best in deep V-neck lines that help to elongate their faces into a more oval shape. Both deep, wide V-shaped and scoop necklines for evening let these women show off creamy décolleté. Accent this look with a long chain, pendant, or strand of pearls to echo the shape. Avoid chokers or scarves that cut you off at the neck. For the day, stick to narrow V-shaped and slimming asymmetrical necklines. Trendy, deep-cowl necklines are good choices, too.
Avoid: Turtlenecks, crewnecks, bateau and trendy funnel necklines that can all make a round or square face look heavy through the neck and jawline.
Wearing this season’s trendy fur collars can be tricky. Choose a fur collar in a classic style such as that on a trench or reefer-style coat. Or instead, choose a coat with stylish fur cuffs and wear a stunning fur hat.
Makeup tricks
Learn to subtly contour under your check bones with bronzer.  Suck in your checks and stock on a matte – not shimmery – bronzer. Sweep the colour up around your temple. Blend. Add a pop of colour on the apples of cheeks. 
Long, narrow, or rectangular faces
Women with long, narrow, or rectangular faces look best in shallow necklines that don’t emphasize the length of their face. They can wear trendy funnel necks and look romantic in bateau necklines. A choker or a classic collar-length pearl necklace is perfect on this type of woman. They also look great in classic crewneck sweaters and soft, round collars.
This season’s full fur collars look best with the long neck that often goes with a long, narrow face.
Makeup: Stroke bronzer and blusher horizontally across your checks and blend. Stroke a little bronzer around your hair line and on your chin and blend!
Avoid: All low-cut necklines. If you long for a bare-looking dress, try a sleeveless, backless, or short dress, depending on your body type.
Oval and heart shaped faces
Women with oval and heart shaped faces look good in almost any neckline.
A bateau or Sabrina neckline can make women with small chins look delicate and lovely, as it helps to balance their features.
Avoid: Deep narrow V- neckline and very pointed collars that emphasize a small or pointed chin.
Makeup: Stroke a little bronzer around your hair line and blend. Accent your pretty cheekbones with a pop of colour. A subtle application of highlighter can help balance a smaller chin.
Tricks and tips
If it is not too extreme, you can change the look of almost any neckline with accessories.
Separate contrasting collars are a big trend for fall. Fill in a deep neckline with a contrasting collar by adding a colourful blouse or shirt. Or make cute and trendy collar dickeys from your favourite worn blouses and shirts.
You can add a scarf to create a V shape or fill a deep neckline.
Chains and beads can be used to create the illusion of a different shape. Wrap them around your neck to shorten a neckline and drape them to create length.
Strapless dresses can be classic and chic. But always check your mirror from all angles to avoid a common fitting mistake. A poorly-fitted strapless gown will cause you to have little bunches of fat between your arm and breasts. This not from being fat, but because the dress is sitting too low. A strapless gown must fit perfectly from all angles and not slip.