A filter for flaws: The right primer

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If you don’t use a foundation because you like a clean look but your skin is not as flawless as you would like, you may want to take another look at primer. Primer can be used to help makeup go on more smoothly, or alone to mask small flaws. Some of the new primers are amazing. 

While beauty editors have raved about BB creams and CC cream, the most impressive new product I have seen for an instant fix is L’Oreal RivitaLift Miracle Blur – and it costs only about $25. L’Oreal claims it will instantly erase the look of lines, wrinkles, and pores – and it does.  The little red tube of primer is like a Beverly Hills dermatologist for your face, as it whisks away redness, large pores, and lines. Granted, the effect is temporary, but then again so are many “fixes” you get at the doctor’s office. Miracle Blur isn’t a substitute for what a good doctor can do, but it is a good addition to your beauty bag of tricks. 

Miracle Blur comes in two formulas: regular and oil-free. I have tried both and see little difference between them. Perhaps this would matter more if you have oily skin or acne. Miracle Blur is meant to be used over your regular moisturizer and serums and under makeup if you are wearing it. It contains a blend of state-of-the-art sunscreens for an SPF of 30, but that is not what makes it fabulous. The “Miracle” comes from the combination of glycerin, silicones, and a special light-reflecting ingredient that actually does “blur” fine lines and pores, and helps make your complexion look more flawless even in natural daylight. 

This is a very unusual product. It looks great alone on a naked face and provides excellent sun protection, unless you intend to engage in extended outdoor activity. Under make up it provides a great base so you need little very little foundation or concealer. This is not a luminizer and doesn’t sparkle like other light-reflecting products. This looks natural but better. 

Revlon Photoready Perfecting Primer uses a similar light-diffusing technology but doesn’t contain sunscreen. 

Miracle Blur isn’t for everyone. Some women don’t like at all; they find it feels too heavy and complain it clogs their pores. It works best for women with dry skin and small imperfections. Younger women with oily skin may find it too heavy. If you are in your twenties and prefer a lighter feeling product or tend to breakout, try a matte oil-free primer such as BECCA Ever-Matte Poreless Priming Perfector or Laura Mercier oil free Tinted Moisturizer. For more coverage for oily skin and breakouts, try a BB cream such as The Face Shop – Face it smart capsule color control cream SPF40 PA++ CC cream.