Wit and wisdom

How It All Began by prize-winning novelist Penelope Lively will put a smile on your face even
as it occasionally brings a tear to your eye. In this tale of coincidence, Lively tackles love, fidelity,
and growing old with dignity. Set in London, How it all Began’s believable characters will engage
and delight you with their passions and follies.
Elderly retired school teacher Charlotte is mugged. The resulting injuries require her to move in with
her daughter Rose for a few weeks and give up her cherished independence.
Rose works for an eccentric, elderly, and egotistical historian Lord Peter. When Rose must attend to
her injured mother, Lord Peter must give a speech at a luncheon. His niece Marion accompanies him, but forgets to bring his notes. The speech does not go well, and Lord Peter feels passé and humiliated. He begins a quest to rejuvenate his career with an ill-fated television project.
At the luncheon Lord Peter’s niece, Marion meets a building developer. He offers her a large project. It ultimately leads the unhappy, middle-aged Marion to change her life.
In How It All Began, Lively weaves the lives over the course of a brief few weeks. Lively has a gift for capturing the human condition. She captures the frustrations of growing older tempered with the satisfaction and wisdom of a life well-lived. Her characters encapsulate the glories and foibles of the human condition.
How It All Began is a rare delight from a master storyteller.