Hot and sexy summer read

Ladies, sizzling reads are nothing new. So if 50 Shades of Grey intrigued or delighted you, then Rescue Me by Rachel Gibson is for you. She sets this scorching romance in Texas where everything is bigger – even passion.
When cynical real estate agent Sadie Jo meets former Navy Seal Vince Haven they know they have nothing in common. When they meet again sparks fly.
Sadie is a rebel. She fled her small home town to free herself of the expectations and judgments she felt in the rural Texas. She was also seeking the validation she could never find living with her harsh and non-demonstrative father.
Vince, a decorated Navy Seal, has come to Sadie’s home town to help his elderly aunt. He is also trying to forget his tortuous war memories.
The chemistry between these two very relatable characters is incendiary.