A domestic thriller

The horror in Sophie Hannah's new thriller The Other Woman’s House sneaks up on you. Hannah is a master of the psychological thriller. She finds menace in the most innocent situations, and her villains are very ordinary people.
In this latest work she had brought back Detective Simon Waterhouse and crew to unravel a dark mystery in the picturesque university town of Cambridge.
Connie Bowskill is up late looking at a realtor’s virtual tour of a posh house in nearby Cambridge when she is shocked by the sight of a dead woman in a pool of blood on the floor. By the time Connie calls her husband Chris to see it, the image has vanished.
Even though everyone insists she must have imagined the dead woman, Connie won’t be talked out of what she has seen and reports it to the police.
Slowly, a tangled domestic web of deceit and mental illness begins to unravel. The police wonder if Connie is ill or perhaps an abused wife. Then, another woman comes forward claiming to have seen the same thing as Connie.
Hannah plays with the readers' emotions and senses as she peels back layers of dark secrets and guilty passions. We are left guessing until the final moment.
This latest mystery will delight Hannah fans as well as anyone who enjoys a good “gaslight” mystery.