How to go bare at home

Bare  -- leaves no place for extra hairYou want to be able to show off smooth sleek skin in summer’s cute bare clothes.

That is why we are re-running our best ever interview on how to get bare at home.  
DolceDolce’s Anne Gravel had always hesitated to try home kits or any other waxing. She thought it would hurt and take ages. But when she tried the Nair Soothing Wax Kit, a system that uses unheated wax strips, she was hooked. After the demonstration, Anne said: “You don’t really need to commit to it because it’s not expensive or hard to do. Then you’ll see how well it works and how easy it is.”
For the lowdown on how to banish unwanted hair, we went to an expert, Professor Rhonda Shupe, of Seneca College’s Cosmetics & Esthetics Diploma Programs. She gave us straight no-nonsense answers to all our questions.
DD: What is the difference between waxing and using a depilatory to remove hair on your legs?
RS: Time is one factor. Using a depilatory is much quicker — three minutes versus half an hour to wax the lower leg. A second difference is the time between treatments. When you use a depilatory, stubble can start within one day as the hair is removed just below the skin’s surface. This also depends on how fast the customers’ hair grows. The smoothness of the skin with depilatory use lasts twice as long as shaving. When using an epilatory (waxing), the smoothness can last weeks, depending on the stage of hair growth. The third factor — with depilatory use the hair also grows in finer and eventually does not grow in at all (after years of consistent use).
DD: What is the best method to remove very fine hair from the legs or arms?
RS: The best way to remove hair of any thickness is to wax for the reason mentioned above. Any first-time hair removal customer should always resort to waxing as other methods distort the hair follicle. The sooner you start to wax, the faster the hair will not grow back.
DD: Should you use a different method to remove dark or coarse hair?
RS: Personally, I am a firm believer in waxing. Nair’s Cire Divine no-strip wax is great for any strength of hair. The longer you wax, the finer the hair will become, which is a great incentive to wax versus other methods. Alternatively, Nair just introduced a new home skin wax kit called Soothing, that features menthol, which can help minimize the ‘ouch’ of waxing by a cooling, soothing sensation. It really works!
DD: What is the best method for the bikini area?
RS: Waxing is the preferred method, but depilatories can also be very effective. Be sure to look for a formula made for your skin type and do a patch test.
DD: What causes ingrown hairs and how can they be avoided?
RS: Ingrown hairs can happen on any part of the body, but primarily in areas where there is a restriction of free hair growth. Whenever the hair is being removed below the skin’s surface, it’s important to exfoliate the skin on a regular basis. By constantly removing the dead surface skin cells, the hair is free to grow out of the hair follicle without having to push through a dead layer of skin. If the skin is flaky, the hair grows under this dead layer causing ingrown hair. All Nair depilatories (Shower Power in particular) are great as they exfoliate the skin while removing unwanted hair. Other reasons for ingrown hairs can be weak hair, distorted follicles, or tears in the hair follicle.
DD: Some women bruise badly during bikini waxing. Is there a way bruising can be avoided?
RS: When bruising occurs on any area of the skin, it has nothing to do with the product used. It has everything to do with the technique used by the customer. It’s extremely imperative to always tightly support the skin when waxing on all parts of the body. Waxing causes a suction action and if the skin is not supported, the blood is pulled to the surface of the skin causing bruising. A second cause can be removing the hair in the wrong direction (always pull in the opposite direction of hair growth). A third cause can be pulling away from the skin and not across the skin. When you pull across a well-supported skin, there is no cause for bruising. The good news is that it’s a superficial bruise and should disappear within a couple of days. Pulling away from the skin and not supporting the skin also causes the skin to lose support which causes premature slackening of the skin resulting in lines and wrinkles.
DolceDolce Tip:
At home or at the salon, try not to wax right before your period; you will be more sensitive due to water retention. Also taking an Advil an hour before waxing or applying a numbing cream to the area can really reduce discomfort. Ask your doctor or pharmacist for a safe cream to use – there are a few choices. There are pain-numbing panties called BareEase — a pair of panties and a tube of 4 percent lidocaine cream — that sells for $25.