Soften and Scrub

Honey can nourish your skinI cannot resist my favourite home-made remedies for winter skin. They work and are so divinely simple and affordable. And after a season of spending, who does not love that? All winter long you will find a big jar of home-made sea salt and/or brown sugar scrub by my tub. This same type of treatment is used in very luxurious spas. You can use them at home for less than a dollar day.

For feet and body:
Fill a large pretty jar with kosher or sea salt. Pour olive oil or a mix of oil and almond or avocado oil over the salt or sugar. If you like, add your favourite essential oils or scent.
The mixture should be oily enough that the salt does not rip your skin off, but salty enough to scrub. Sometime it is fun to have separate jars with peppermint oil and more salt just for your feet – especially if you get scaly feet in the winter.
You can make the same mixture with brown sugar for a gentler scrub. And make a separate unscented jar for your face using brown sugar. If your skin is very oily, use the sugar without any oil. Sugar actually heals skin and was even used to treat wounds in the middle ages. Do this in the shower or bath. It is sticky but soothing and leaves skin soft and glowing.
Another effective beauty treatment is to apply one tablespoon of good honey — I prefer organic — to your clean face in the bath, and massage it up and around – never down. Let it sit on your face for few minutes, and then rinse. It is best to do this before washing your hair so any stray honey can be washed away. Honey is full of vitamins and anti-oxidants, and leaves skin looking fabulous.