Plan ahead!

Darlings, it may sound strange, but often the key to relaxed holiday fun is planning. So start now. Decide what you can and cannot do this year. Feel good about your decisions. Make a budget, shop from a list, and start now!  If you are feeling pinched – cut back. No one will care. Don’t procrastinate in the hope that things will change. They will; they will get worse. Just get on with what is possible and enjoy it. Bake cookies, take a walk with friend to look at holiday lights, go ice skating, and have some fun. Take some canned goods to food bank.

Make a schedule. It can be a loose plan for decorating, cooking, and other holiday chores, but it will help keep you from feeling overwhelmed as the days count down.
And enjoy. Remember sweet memories are made by taking time to be present and joyful in the company of loved ones and friends! 
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