Holiday nails trends

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A special holiday manicure can give your look a lot of style for a very small investment. A stylish, trendy manicure can also give your whole look lift. That is why celebrities always pay so much attention to their nails for red carpet events – they are on display when they shake hands, hold champagne glasses, and grip tiny clutch bags. 

Terrance Terry, Essie Educator & Brand Ambassador, StyleSeat Advocate is an expert on the latest nail trends. He knows how to flatter your hands and give them that special holiday “gloss”. 

Here are Terrance Terry’s tips for fabulous holiday nail looks: 

This season is all about texture, metallic, and chunky embellishments. Terrance Terry Hi-Res Head Shot.jpg

Try opting for a more elongated almond-shaped nail. This is one of my favorite nail shapes. It’s a hybrid shape of pointy and round, but it literally looks just like an “almond.”  It’s perfect for just about any nail shape and size it looks great on just about everyone’s hand. 

Let’s say that you’re a natural nail type of a person but you want to have a little bit of fun with your nails for the holiday season. Try opting for a traditional gel manicure and add a pop of chunky glitter for a hint of sparkle. 

If you’re more of a hipster and are not afraid of going over the top, try using crystals or any type of embellishment to achieve that pop of bling that everyone will love. If you’re afraid of that beautiful crystal falling off into your Christmas dinner, have your technician apply a little bit of builder gel to securely hold those precious gems in place! 

I love using for foils to achieve a three-dimensional textured metallic appearance on nails. This will also give you that bling factor that you’re looking for. There are also many gel polishes available on the market that have the foil already mixed in, so anyone can use it.