Holiday in a hurry

Easy can be perfect for the holidaysI love to bake and cook. I even do it to relax, but over the holidays even a happy hostess can be pressed for time. That’s why I love to have a few tried-and-true shortcuts for when that I am busy having fun. One of my favourites is a good baking mix. I love Dove Chocolate  – the quality is fabulous. Now from Dove Chocolate Discoveries they have a chocolate baking mix that includes a package of chocolate chips that is perfect for whipping-up rich cookies and other quick desserts. Dove Chocolate Discoveries also makes a gingerbread mix. Gingerbread is one of my favourites. Both are beautifully boxed and make great holiday hostess gifts. Add a box of candy cane for families with small children.

I also love letting party guests help themselves to a big festive vase or jar of chocolate. I filled an old-fashioned vase with Dove Promises — both milk and dark chocolate. I like the way they are wrapped in foil. Who doesn’t like a sweet bite? Put the candy by the front door and let guests take home a “sweet dream”.
When I had big parties in Moscow, I use to labour over three fancy desserts. They were marvelous things that people ate with gusto at small dinners. But by the time everyone had consumed hot and cold hor’s oeuvres and a big meal washed down with wine, their eyes were bigger than their stomachs. I would find many plates of dessert “tasted” all over my house. The guests would taste them all. I have since learned to follow a big buffet meal with a batch of good homemade cookies, little clementines, and chocolate. These little oranges are traditional at holidays. They are also fresh and refreshing. Cookies and chocolate are small, tasty, and easy to eat. Darlings, no one seems to miss all those desserts in the wee small hours of the morning – and it is less fussy. Find your own style darlings, but don’t make work for yourself over imagined expectations. Enjoy the holidays.