For teachers and other helpers

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PalmerswomenPalmer’s Cocoa Butter Winter Skin Rescue Kit and Men’s Winter Survival Gift Set makes great gifts for teachers, dog walkers, and others helpers you want pamper.  Attractively packaged Palmer’s gift sets are perfect for giving alone or with your annual holiday tip.

Each gift set is priced at $14.99 and includes four full-sized products.


Burn off holiday calories!

You may have seen the pert and perky Dr. Lisa on the popular show The Doctors. Now she brings her own accessible, but effective blend of yoga, cardio, and strength-building stretches to Dr. Lisa Yoga Blast.
Dr. Lisa is a TV personality, gynecologist, and mother. She is a busy woman and she has created this DVD to be a quick fitness fix for the woman who may be having trouble getting to the gym.
On the DVD she works out with trainer Elise Joan.
There are three separate workouts. The DVD offers adjustments for different fitness levels and is very accessible and friendly in its tone.
This is not a traditional yoga DVD, but rather a hybrid of dance cardio and yoga that will appeal to women looking to get a time effective fat-burning and stretching work out with a cheerful, familiar personality.
This is the perfect gift for any friend or family member who has vowed to get in shape in the New Year. has a fabulous selection of fitness and yoga DVDs available.
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Beauty-lovers stocking stuffers

Darlings let’s face it, many “Secret Santa, “Grab” gifts, and stocking stuffers are useless! Why not give a gift that will be used and loved? We love good brushes and never have enough. A quick, unscientific survey confirmed most women are tired of gimmicky gifts that end up in trash.
These brushes from John Frieda make great gifts. They look sleek and come in many styles from the Paddle Brush Sleek Finish with shine-enhancing silicone bristles, natural ION to the Porcupine Round Brush Volume Curls with nylon and boar bristles designed to distribute the scalp’s natural oils for added shine and smoothness. Prices are affordable, ranging from $12.99 to $14.99.
Combine one of these brushes and a bottle of John Frieda Shine Serum and you have the makings of well-stuffed stocking!   
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