Eating on the run

During the holidays we all snack on the run as we shop and celebrate. So, why not snack on something healthful and energy-giving instead of fattening and bloating? Stock up on healthful snacks and stash them in your bag and desk. Don’t head off for a day at the office or mall without your stash of good-for-you goodies.

In addition to fresh fruit that is pre-washed at home and bagged in a reusable bag, I like nuts, a healthful snack bar and a beverage. Wings of Nature organic health bars are delicious and less than 200 calories. The bars are cold-processed so they taste fresh. They come in three flavours. I love the sweet and nutty Cranberry Crunch. They are also Kosher, vegan, dairy-free, and contain no GMOs or preservatives.
I also love to indulge in a cool bottle of Hint — water flavoured with tasty fruit essences. It has zero calories and no sugar or sweeteners. It is refreshing and so tasty that it is hard to believe it so healthful. It’s the perfect drink for shopping in an over-heated mall. The flavours are to die for. I love Watermelon and Cucumber, but there are many other refreshing choices.