Breakfast to jumpstart your metabolism

This breakfast could help you lose weightIf you have been trying to lose a few pounds you may be eating too little. According to experts, skipping meals seems to be a major impediment to weight loss along with eating too little. Foods such as whole grains, anti-oxidant rich berries, and green tea can, in the proper portions, help to jumpstart your metabolism.

Experts recommend rolled steel-cut oats for their high fiber content. Use the quick-cook or regular varieties, but not instant. Studies show that women who eat almonds, in the correct portion (about 8-10 nuts daily), also lost weight and belly fat.
Try this healthful breakfast and see if helps you trim down:
A half-cup of old fashioned quick-cook oatmeal. Follow cooking directions on the box. For tastier oats, use skimmed milk.
Add a half-cup of mixed fresh or frozen berries and half a banana, as well as eight chopped almonds.
Drink a cup of green tea for an extra metabolism boost.
Use Splenda or Truvia natural-based sweeteners