Tips form the Canyon Ranch

The name Canyon Ranch has been synonymous with fitness for decades. Celebrities and other A-listers have flocked to the Canyon Ranch Spas and resorts to relax and renew.
Now with the Canyon Ranch Strong & Sculpted DVD you can work out with the Canyon Ranch trainers at home. This70-minute DVD has three segments including yoga, Pilates, and core workouts that are designed to work together. You will need hand weights and a mat. You can enjoy stunning desert scenes and a deceptively strenuous workout – just like a Canyon Ranch guest.
Canyon Ranch trainer Heather Schmidt agreed to answer a few questions about how to get the most from your workout.
DD:  What is the best way to burn fat quickly?
HS: Combination workouts including cardiovascular intervals, strength training and plyometrics.  High intensity followed by bouts of recovery.
DD: Is it important to vary your exercise program and why?
HS:   It is important to vary workouts (intensity, duration, and modalities) to avoid burnout and injury.  Shaking up a routine can recharge motivation while challenging the body in new ways.
DD: How do professionals stay motivated as they train day after day?
HS: Setting goals in our busy life is not a new concept.  This holds true for our personal health and fitness.  To stay motivated set both long-term broad and short-term specific goals. This year I will run my first marathon. Today, I will run three miles in less than 30 minutes.  
DD:  What tips or techniques do trainers use that the average women can incorporate to amp her workout and meet her fitness goals?
HS: Cross train, cross train and cross train. Let go of one-dimensional training. Athletes no longer work on skills that are only specific to their sport. Incorporating different elements of training — flexibility, agility, strength, power, speed and endurance — will take individual fitness to an all-new level.
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