Transformed by Natalie Kindt-Gurley, colorist extraordinaire

Natalie Kindt Recently, I  was "transformed" by colorist extraordinaire Natalie Kindt-Gurley, the Director of Color Education and Senior Chemical Specialist forVan Michael in Atlanta. I had been looking forward to the experience ever since visiting the Van Michael salon in the Atlanta district of Buckhead, for the launch of Aveda’s new products and services.
As a beauty editor, I am always on lookout for anything new that will make hair look better, softer, and sexier. I was intrigued and impressed by Natalie’s presentation of Aveda’s hair color. She explained how Aveda uses natural ingredients to achieve fabulous color while still pampering hair with such ingredients as antioxidant-rich red tea extract and candelilla wax that keep hair shiny for weeks. I was also struck by the uniformly healthy, glossy heads of the Aveda and Van Michael’s staff members. Their hair shimmered.
The time I spent with Natalie at Van Michael in Buckhead Salon was a pleasure. She is an artist who also has great listening skills –she knew just the colour I longed for.
After her assistant gave me a very welcome de-stressing massage, Natalie artfully applied golds and caramels that warmed and flattered my complexion. The next day in in the sunlight my husband said, "your hair is back." What could be better than that?
I was thrilled when I washed my hair two days later, it did not take ton of product to control frizz. There was no frizz. My hair was back to normal. It was soft and glossy.
Natalie is committed healthful products and services for her clients as well as the stylists she educates. She believes in Aveda. After years as beauty journalist, I do not just drink the Kool-Aid – I need to see the proof that a product is "better or more natural".  With Aveda, I felt very little if any of the usual stinging. Almost two weeks later, the color is vibrant and my hair still looks salon fresh.
I believe Natalie when she says, "Aveda is truly committed to the environment and this means a lot to me as a consumer and a colorist behind the chair. Something many people don't know is that Aveda color is manufactured on a wildlife preserve in Minnesota that operates with 100 percent wind power. They strive to use as many organic ingredients as possible and partner with communities to promote fair trade and to better the lives of the people in the communities in which they source ingredients," she said. "I actually became interested in Aveda before I became interested in hair, and that has led me here to the job I've had at Van Michael for the last 15 years. I am very proud to be affiliated with a company like Aveda because I believe every little bit we can do helps."
I also took the opportunity to ask Natalie about some of the most common hair colour issues. Here are here are her answers:
DD: Do all hair colorings, especially those that lighten hair, cause damage?
NK: Not all hair color is damaging.  In fact, some color is conditioning and can coat previously damaged hair to make it feel better than before it was colored.  In general, the lighter you take the hair, the more damage a client might perceive.  However, a great hair colorist will lighten hair properly with very little damage, and many women actually like the body that a color process can add to the hair.  I often have clients say their color still looks good, but they're having it touched up to give it some extra volume.  The new Aveda color has organic sunflower, coconut, and jojoba oils to condition the hair and add shine during processing.  
DD: What are a few of the most popular colour trends for spring?
NK: The new Aveda color has empowered the colorist with incredible depth and gorgeous jewel tones.  Women are asking for deeper, richer color, and soft dimension with very little contrast between the highlights, lowlights and the all-over color. Also, we are doing a lot of block color techniques again, but with low contrast between defined sections in the hair. And red is back, big time!  The new Aveda reds run the full spectrum from violet to copper, and they are incredible!
DD: Often colour fades and this can be maddening, especially for women who are trying to cover grey. Is there any way to keep hair color from fading?
NK: The most important thing a woman can do to keep her color from fading is to use professional quality shampoo, conditioner, and styling products at home.  I recommend the Aveda Color Conserve Daily Color Protect before styling every day to seal in the color and protect against UV fading. Also, the new Aveda color delivers better grey coverage, and its new enhanced tone keeps hair from fading to a reddish hue.  The red tea extract in the color contains antioxidants that help keep the color bright and fresh!
DD: Often hair looks flat or dull a week or two after it’s colored. Is there any way to keep it shiny? 
NK: The best way to keep hair color fresh and shiny is to use a weekly treatment masque like Aveda Damage Remedy Intensive Treatment after shampooing.  It only takes five minutes extra once a week, but it can really enhance the shine in your hair. Aveda color also has a new component called candelilla wax that delivers ultra-glossy shine to the hair that lasts.  My clients have definitely commented on the difference they see with the longevity they get out of the shine from the new color.