Neisa attends Tin Drum’s Tweet Up

Neisa and her sisterContinuing our attempt to break down fast food into the good, the bad, and the ugly DolceDolce’s Neisa Caraway attended Tin Drum’s “tweet up” tasting event. She loves this Asian fast food chain, but her assignment was to find healthy options. She found a few – and a few high-calorie treats too. The lesson she came away with was that you need to read the menu carefully and select wisely. Restaurants are offering more fresh vegetables, steamed, and unsweetened options, but you have to check them out and then order them!
Here is Neisa’s report:
My little sister and I braved a tropical storm that swept through the city, for a taste and tweet-up at Tin Drum Asian Café. I'm glad we did because the food is delicious. We are here in honor of the Café's 10 year anniversary at their first ever location in Midtown Atlanta on the Georgia Tech Campus.
Neisa's treat are fried so share these chessey  wontons and get an order of fresh non- fried veggie spring rolls at 160 calories too!This Asian Café takes pride in what they serve by using all-natural ingredients, and cooking all items fresh to order. I'm no stranger to this little gem; I absolutely love the Fresh Thai Basil Spring Rolls. These vegetarian appetizers are only 164 calories. They are served with a sweet and sour sauce that complements them nicely. If you’re feeling a little naughty, go for the crab and cheese spring rolls, a must try! They are so good, even my kid sister, who has sworn off seafood due to a few bad experiences, tried one. She loved it! The rolls are followed by "Panko" Crispy Shrimp and teriyaki chicken tacos.
Whenever I hear the word wasabi, I cringe at the thought of this sinus-clearing tear-jerking condiment. So, I’m little reluctant to try the cucumber wasabi sauce. But feeling courageous I tried the Panko crispy shrimp tacos and I'm glad I did. The shrimp had a nice crunch, while the fresh raw cabbage and cool cucumber soften the wasabi blow.
We wrapped up our tasting with Mango Stir Fry and Tim Drum Curry. Tim Drum curry was really great, but at 760 calories it’s a cheat-day option.  We washed it all down with freshly brewed sweet tropical black tea. 
I'm so glad we came! 
– Neisa Caraway