Om shanti hysterical

 Head of Heels: A Novel by Rain Mitchell is a hysterical look at the popular world of yoga.
This story of five interesting women who practice the ancient discipline at a small studio in Los Angeles gently pokes fun at the increasing commercialization and competiveness of yoga.
Lee is dedicated and talented yoga teacher in messy and un-yogic breakup with her ex-husband. Her nasty ex is involved with a popular yoga celebrity who has styled herself as a “modern priestess” and represents everything Lee dislikes about yoga.
Graciella is young dancer and yoga practitioner who is caught in dangerous relationship. Katherine is beautiful massage therapist at Lee’s yoga studio. She has a lot of guilt about her sex, drugs, and her rock and roll past, but is slowly moving forward. Imani is a TV actress with a starring role and new baby. She is struggling to get back into shape. Stephanie is fledgling screenwriter who is about to hit it big in Hollywood.
The women come together over yoga as they are forced to make life-changing decisions about love and career.
Rain Mitchell has a deft touch as he captures some of the wacky trends and characters that yoga’s popularity has generated. I chuckled at his descriptions of competitive yogis levitating off their mats in complicated poses, and of overly intense teachers.  I cracked up reading his description of a sexy South American dance-yoga class.
Head Over Heel is a delightful summer read. It will leave yoga lovers and non-yoga lovers smiling.