Love after death

If This Is Paradise, I Want My Money Back by Claudia Carroll is a haunting romance. 

It tells the story of Charlotte, who is struck by car and ends up in a deep coma. She "crosses over" to the afterlife. There she is given the chance to go back to Earth as an angel to “set things right” for those she left behind.
Instead of helping her cheating boyfriend to behave, she haunts him to the brink of madness. Charlotte also makes a muck of it, when she tries to play cupid for her sister and best friend.
If This Is Paradise, I Want My Money Back is an amusing twist on the usual scorned-woman revenge fantasy books. Set in Dublin, the character’s humorous self-mockery saves the book from getting too nasty. And the clever use of Irish slang is a hoot, too. There are a few twists that help to raise the tale above the average for this genre.
This book will appeal to any woman who has loved a loser a little too long.