Wear a hat like Kate

Kate Middleton in a face flattering beretNow that the young and fashionable royal fiancée, Kate Middleton, is in the spotlight, you can bet that hats will be hotter than ever. Hats are a fun way to add drama and flair to your look. But there are some simple rules to keep in mind.

Never buy a tight hat. It will not only give you hat hair, but you are sure to get a headache.
Small hats that are attached by combs or a headband are called “fascinators”.
They are trendy now and easy to wear.
Hats may be worn indoors by women, but not by men.
If you have a long face, do not buy a hat with too high a crown.
If you are petite, do not wear a very big hat as it will overwhelm you.
Never wear a hat with evening clothes; it looks tacky.
Hats can be practical as well as pretty. Look for crushable berets and sunhats that you can collect. Eric Javits and Tilley make some great ones that can actually pack.

Catch a luxe trend

Angelina Jolie --looking chic and tosty. Is it faux?Darlings there are weeks of winter ahead – sigh! And this winter looks to be a long, chilly slog.

So now is the time to pick up a fabulous fur accessory– faux for most — on sale. You will look and feel luxe and cozy in a fur vest, jacket, or hat.
Frame your face and look as lovely as Julie Christie did in Doctor Zhivago. Or wear stylish a vest a la Rachel Zoë. If Rachel Zoeyou are not stick-thin, avoid wearing fluffy fur on your body; stick to short, sleek furs.