How to find the perfect bra online

Lingerie maven Tomina EdmarkDo you suspect you are wearing a less than perfect bra, but don’t relish the intimacy of a bra fitting or the time-consuming task of trying on bra after bra. It can be exhausting! But, the right bra can make you look thinner and even feel better.  
HerRoom, the online lingerie shop, has introduced HerRoom’s Know Your Breasts Bra Finder.
“We are thrilled to launch HerRoom’s Know Your Breasts Bra Finder as it is the only online resource on the market to educate women on their personal breast characteristics. It provides them with recommended bra styles that will complement their individual breast attributes,” announced Tomima Edmark, lingerie and undergarment expert, and founder of HerRoom. “Our finder enables women to optimize their bra search, welcoming them to take an inventory of their breasts and then learn the many bra features that will suit those best.”
According to Tomina, “HerRoom’s Know Your Breasts Bra Finder identifies specific characteristics, that women may not realize, affect the perfect bra fit, such as, if your breasts are full or deflated, or if they are self-supporting or pendulous. It asks specific questions regarding breast separation, fullness, position, shape, breast bone prominence, spine curvature, and more, which all play a role in how a bra fits. It also points out potential reasons of why your breasts may be a certain way as an outcome of aging, weight fluctuation, pregnancy, breast-feeding and wearing the improper bra.” 
We think this is such a good idea we decided ask Tomina more about how to find the perfect bra. Here is what Tomina told DolceDolce:
DD: Why did you invent this?
TE:  I invented the HerRoom Know Your Breasts Bra Finder, because there is more to a bra fitting correctly than just getting the right size. I’ve been in the business for 10 years and reading customer comments helped me figure this out. Breasts are complicated. My hope was to first help women understand what kind of breasts they have, and then to look more closely at bras before buying to get a better fit.
DD: Is it possible to find a bra that actually fits, feels good, and makes your clothes look better?
TE: Absolutely. But, the key to this is also buying a quality bra. A lot of women give up and go with a wire-free bra or something like the Ahh bra. These are comfortable choices. But, if you want to look better while feeling comfortable a quality bra with underwire is the best way to do this.
DD: Do you have to spend a fortune to find a good bra?
TE:  Being in the business, I have seen bras from all price ranges. The most complaints we get are from women who have purchased one for less than $30. Yes, these less expensive bras break down faster. For a bra that will last longer, here is what you should look for – sides/back are made with a firm fabric (if you can pull the bra and it stretches easily, this will not last), underwire that are well-encased in a quality and dense casing,   Those are two key features that set bras apart in terms of quality.
HerRoom invites women to use this new breast analyzer to eliminate the mystery and frustration in finding the perfect bra. Women who complete the Know Your Breast Bra Finder will receive a 10 percent discount on their next bra purchase at