Happy Halloween!


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I love Halloween, I always have. It is fun to dress up and get lost in legends and stories.

It is a fun, off-beat holiday that all-ages can enjoy.

So, get your haunt-on even if you stay home and dish out treats.

It is a sweet holiday so let is cast a spell on you!


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Too late?

Clichés have a funny way of being true. Life has shown me that it is never too late for many things: to look younger, feel better, start a new career, or find love. I have also noticed that she who hesitates is often lost, and fortune favours the brave. I often ask experts if people wait too long to marry these days. I do so because it seems to me that people are endlessly waiting for the ideal time for many things these days: getting married, changing careers, moving out, moving on. You name it. And often they miss good opportunities and a lot of fun in life, as they wait. Other times, they get it just right. Both out experts gave different answers this week about when to marry – and both were excellent.

Darlings, there is no right time for everyone any more than there is a one-size-fits-all that really fits anyone. I married at 23 and it worked for me. I have dear friends who made brilliant and loving decisions at 40. Then there are those who found love was best the second time around. And some wonderful ladies are by choice single. Love makes life sweet, so darlings never wait too long out of fear or indecision, because she who hesitates is often lost.
Happy Halloween my darlings! Enjoy the hauntiung holiday and have a sweet week in every way!
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Gracey Hitchcock
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