The Original Hair Guru

It's all about fabulous hair Photo www.karinpacione.comPhilip Kingsley wanted to be more than a hair stylist. So, while working at his uncle’s salon in London, he studied and became a trichologist – a specialist in the study of hair and its diseases. Soon, he opened his own space dedicated to what in the 1950s was the taboo subject of hair and scalp problems. After opening clinics in London and New York, he also launched his own trichologically-driven product line based on hair textures rather than the standard normal, oily, or dry.

Named the "hair guru" by The New York Times and "the hair wizard" by Vogue, Kingsley believes everyone should feel good about themselves – starting with their hair. "I’m often asked how often hair should be washed and the answer is simple – daily!" says Kingsley. "You wash or cleanse your face every day to keep skin looking its best. Your hair goes to all the same places, so it too needs daily care and attention."  To achieve healthy, shiny, beautiful hair, first establish your personalized daily care routine.  
Hair Guru Philip KingsleyFifty years later, Kingsley is the world’s leading authority on hair and scalp health. He has a "cult" following. His past and present clientele includes royalty, politicians, and celebrities like Princess Diana, Audrey Hepburn, Sir Lawrence Olivier, John Travolta, Kate Winslet, Renée Zellweger, Sigourney Weaver and Candice Bergen. He coined the phrase "bad hair day" and has spent his brilliant career eliminating them.
Now, whether traipsing off to the shore for the weekend or jetting off to the AmalfiCoast, you can pack your foolproof, essential hair care in your carry-on. The Jet Sets from Philip Kingsley allows you pack light and maintain your favorite hair routine, even through airport security. 
There are four sets: Body and Volume Jet Set for fine hair that needs lift and body. Body and Shine Jet Set for hair that is chemically processed and in need of extra body and shine. Shiny Jet Set for medium textured hair. Take Comfort Jet Set is soothing for flaky itchy scalps.
If you want be sure to have gorgeous hair, don’t miss our exclusive interview with the original hair guru! DolceDolcereaders loved this interview so much we had to share it again.
DD: An increasing number of women seem to be experiencing problems with thinning hair or hair loss. Is this problem getting worse?
TSA friendly  Jet Sets let you take your hair with you when you travelPK: I have an increasing number of women at my clinics complaining of hair loss.  This does not necessarily mean that there are more women with hair loss, but that more women are complaining of it.  It is probable though, that there are more because women are living longer.
DD: Are there different reasons for hair loss or thinning?
PK: There are many reasons.  Once the reason(s) have been found (through blood tests) a lot can be done.  Reasons can be hormonal, nutritional, iron levels, thyroid anomalies, pregnancy and post pregnancy, to name a few.
DD: Can hair thinning or loss be treated or reversed?
PK: Yes.  Definitely.  The least that can be done is to stop it, and more often than not, reverse it – depending on the cause.
DD: What do you think about treatments such as the laser comb?
PK: There is no accurate scientific evidence (or reason) why laser treatment should help.
DD: Are hair extensions a viable solution or do they make the problem worse?
PK: Hair extensions usually make the problem worse because less care is taken for the hair already there, and that extensions often lead to traction (pulling) hair loss.
DD: Does hair colour make the problem worse?
PK: Hair colouring does not make the problem worse.
DD: What can a woman do to make her hair look its best while she deals with these problems?
PK: Shampoo daily, condition daily, and use styling aids to give more volume.
DD: What are the other most common problems women seek out your expert advice for?
PK: Everything pertaining to good looking hair and healthy scalps that lead to Happy Hair Days as opposed to Bad Hair Days.
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Look better and younger by changing your hair

 If cosmetic procedures are not for you, or the recession has you cutting back on your beauty bills, then hair guru Suki Duggan has some simple ways to look younger and fresher by just changing your hair. Korean-born Suki is known for creating easy-to-maintain hairstyles. Celebrities and socialites in Manhattan’s Upper East Side seek her out in her New York salon. She offers DolceDolce readers her easy-to-follow tips. 

Suki Duggan
DD: Do bangs suit most women? And how can a woman select bangs than will flatter her face?
SD: Bangs suit most women.  Old or young.  I would stay away from bangs though, if you have a very round face because bangs will just make your face rounder, actually making you look fatter.  When deciding to cut your bangs for the first time, just follow your natural hairline.
DD: Aren’t bangs hard to keep up? Can you trim them yourself? If not, is it costly?
SD:Bangs are not hard to keep up they just need to be trimmed more often.  Many salons will actually trim your bangs for free if you are a loyal customer.  I would not recommend trimming your bangs yourself.  I can not tell you how many people have come into my salon with such bad bang jobs because they thought they would spend save some money.  With hair it’s just not worth it.
DD: Fine lines are a problem for many women, even women as young as thirty. Can a hair style or colour help camouflage this problem?
SD:Yes, the best way to camouflage fine lines is to make your hair lighter and softer.  Highlights and soften colors will soften the lines on your face.  Darker colors will actually bring those fine lines out. 
DD: Women tend to age one of two ways: they crinkle up with wrinkles and lines or they age with heaviness and jowls. What type of hair styling magic do you recommend to disguise these two very different types of problems?
SD:Fuller hair for both.  Full hair can draw attention away from your face.  Try layers.  Flat hair will draw people to look at your face while full hair will draw the eye to the whole picture, hair, body and your face.
DD: Many women experience thinning hair as they age, or are they are just unlucky and are born with thin hair. What are your suggestions for getting a full lush look?
SD:Little layers will the add the bounce you need to give your hair a fuller effect and distract from the fact that your hair is thinning. 
DD: What are the worse things women do with their hair that looks aging – or just unattractive and unflattering?
SD:Long hair on an older lady is one of the worst ways to age yourself.  Your long locks might have been sexy when you were 20 but over the age of 40, hair longer then shoulder-length just ages you.  Also, very bleached blonde hair may have been sexy when you were young, now it will just make you look washed out and out of it. 
DD: Many brunettes in particular have real problems with grey hair that just won’t stay coloured and they are self conscious. Any suggestions?
SD:If you are not completely grey, an easy way to cover grey that does not need as many touchups are highlights.  If you highlight your hair two shades lighter, the grey hair will actually blend into your hair almost naturally.  Also with highlighted hair, you only have to re-highlight three times a year.
DD: Can a hairstyle make you look younger?
SD: Of course a hairstyle can make you look younger.  Hair is one of the first thing people see, it has one of the biggest effects on how people present themselves.
DD: What are some of your favourite tips for keeping hair looking great between salon visits?
SD: The best thing I could recommend would simply be to condition your hair.  Healthy hair is sexy hair, so conditioning your hair is key.
Suki dislikes chemical-filled hair products on the market, so she used the beauty secrets learned in her Asian upbringing to create a seaweed-infused hair care line, Donsuki Hair Care/Styling Products. Seaweed – used for centuries in Asia to promote healthy skin and hair – is a key ingredient in all of her products.
She is also the author of a book, The Essential Guide to Hair, Makeup and Skin Care: Always in Style. For more information on Donsuki or Donsuki Hair Care/Styling Products, call 212-826-3397.