The right tool makes soft waves a snapVoluminous curls, beachy waves as well as sophisticated straight strands are always in style. Using a flat iron can be the quickest and easiest way to get these fabulous looks. If you choose the right tools and

Read the tips below, and learn to style like a pro. H2pro’s Styling Team Esbi International shares their tricks and tips on how to achieve these styles with one essential beauty tool: the Turbo Powered Flat Iron.
For a Sleek & Straight Look: Show off ultra pin-straight strands for a super trendy upgrade to your normal style. As the first iron with H2pro’s Turbo Power Technology, the H2pro Presto Flat Iron is the key to achieving frizz-free tresses. The iron’s turbo trigger equals more smoothness and sleekness from a styling tool like never before.
H2pro Insider Tips: Always section your hair into several parts to ensure each strand of hair is covered. Plus, having control over your styling at all times gives you salon quality results. Take small sections to ensure even heat, no larger than half an inch”.  Your partings should be no longer than your pointer finger, or the length of the iron.  This will ensure the best results in smoothness and shine, and it will allow the heat to penetrate through the entire shaft and thickness. This will instantly save you time without repeating the section over and over.
H2pro Presto Flat Iron is the key If the hair sections are too thick, you will not be able to get the hair as straight but will have to repeat the process several times in order to achieve the results you desire. Plus, the style will not look uniform.  
On long hair, because of the turbo charge in the iron, your hair will hold the heat evenly from base to ends, making your styling easy and precise. 
Don’t forget to apply a thermal protectant, such as H2pro Silk 1 Minute Thermal Hair Treatment.  Infused with Jojoba Hydrolyzing Crystals, this treatment will hydrate as well as protect hair from heat for straight, curly, or wavy strands.
For Gorgeous Waves: Opt for a loose, polished curl with structure and bounce. Volume is always an overriding trend for all waves. Forget complicated curling irons! Your flat iron is a fast and easy way to create the perfect curl. As a multi-functional flat iron, H2pro’s Presto Styling Iron is all you need to complete the look.
H2pro Insider Tips: First divide your hair into four sections (top, sides and crown leaving the nape area as your starting point). Take small sections to ensure even heat, no larger that “half an inch". Your partings should be half the length of the iron’s plate.  Start at the base of the hair, sliding the iron down with a slow and even speed.  This will allow the hair to heat up and get a more intense curl.  As you are sliding down the shaft, use just a little tension as you curl the hair around the iron’s plates.  If you ever curled ribbon, you can apply the same technique to your flat iron for amazing spirals. This tension is what will give the hair the snappiness of the curl. You will instantly get great results with long lasting curls.
This iron is lightwight, easy to use and doesn’t damage even fine delicate hair. It makes a fabulous Mother’s Day Gift.