A perfect hair care duo

Rebecca BaconPopular west-coast stylist Rebecca Bacon is known for her beach babe hair with artful waves, loose curls, and lovely soft texture. To kept hair looking beach babe perfect she created Beach Bag Elixir. It gives hair a soft, sexy texture. It also adds thickness and eliminates frizz. Spray it on damp hair or use it as a blow-drying prep.

Pre-fixir is a leave-in conditioner and detangler. It protects hair and helps to restore the damage caused by the environment, over processing, and daily wear and tear. It also acts as a volumizer for fine hair.
Both products are perfect to prepare hair for an updo. They also work well very well together. They are lovely to use. The ingredients are sea salt and organic essential oils. Beach Bag Elixir has a hint of coconut oil for sensual scent.

Beauty on the go

Prosilk mini iron fits in a clutuchProSilk makes some of our favourite hair products. We think the ProSilk Gold Ceramic Hair Iron is one of the best. We adore ProSilk Hair Serum.  Now the  ProSilk Mini is just what we have been waiting for! It’s tiny — about six inches long. It is so small, it can slip into a hand bag, but it performs. It is ceramic and iconic, heats up fast and hot, and is super-easy to manipulate. It is perfect for travel on one-bag-limit grinch airlines and in cramped cruise quarters. I even took a wrinkle out of ribbon with it. But do not plan to iron your blouse with it; there are limits.

ProSilk Serum is a super hair smoother. It will seem to last forever, as only a drop or two will tame the wildest and frizziest hair. In a pinch you can use it on chapped hair or after you shave your legs to leave them sleekly smooth.
http://www.prosilkprod.com/ or 866 434 8100