What you need to know

What’s Up Down There? by Dr. Lisa Rankin is essential reading for women 16 and up. Some girls may want read it even younger! Lisa Rankin is the chatty girlfriend you can ask anything, but she is also a gynecologist so her answers actually are helpful and accurate.

I liked this book a lot. I the young women I know will be mad for it — and quite few older ones will be surprised at what they’ll learn. There are now a few books like this on the market now and this is one of the best. Dr. Lisa — as she calls herself — addresses everything from common icky infections to what your doctor is really thinking as he or she pokes and prods you. According to Dr. Lisa it’s all just business, whether your doc is a man or a woman.
She discusses what is “normal” as far as shape, sizes, and smells. She "talks" birth control options, STDS, pregnancy, menopause and hormones.
What’s Up Down There is not only a guide to your own body, but a book that helps you talk to your doctor. It will be on my gift list this holiday season. If I had a daughter at university, I would ship her copy ASAP!