How high are your heels? What’s you style?

Gwen Stefani at  benefit for Japan dressed with stunning style in an outfit made of 3 Kimono.You don’t hear enough about Signature Style anymore. Today, the talk is all about trends and celebrities. It’s a shame. Celebrities have always influenced style. Think about Marilyn and her trademarked blonde bob and high-heeled wiggle, or Katherine Hepburn and her panache in menswear. Style icon Audrey Hepburn wore deceptively-simple black classics, shades, and Hermes scarves. All these women had a signature style. Lauren Bacall and VeronicaLake draped long flaxen hair over their faces. Bette Davis had her “eyes,” and Joan Crawford had those damned shoulder pads, right through the 1970s. I could go on, but I am sure you get the picture.

There are a few stars today who seem to understand into the signature style. Sharon Stone found her look with old-time, Hollywood glamour, platinum hair — and serious sex appeal. You can always pick out Gwen Stefani with her blonde bob. Marcia Cross of Desperate Housewives has a surefire signature with her flaming hair and porcelain skin
Catherine Zeta-Jones and Nicole Kidman are drop-dead gorgeous, but I can’t think of a style signature that would define them.
Tyra Banks of Top Model fame recently summed herself up: “With me you know what you’ll get. I’ll have my weave on and a whole lot of makeup.” She briefly tried to go “natural.” It lasted five minutes. Miss Banks knows her signature style depends on glamour. She is, after all, the self-appointed arbiter of the world “top-model.”
Style signatures are what used to help make a “super-model” super. Twiggy was a twig-thin waif with enormous eyes. Cindy Crawford has her mole. Lauren Hutton had a gap in her smile. In the ‘50s, popular model Candy Jones rode a peppermint-striped bicycle to her appointments in Manhattan.
There is no doubt that having a signature style garners attention. Why else would Madonna, the queen of self-marketing, appropriate the signatures of other blonde icons, from Marilyn to Marlene? And, Lady Gaga can sing, but would she be the mega-star she is today without her over-the-top style?
Fashion is fabulous and ephemeral. It changes in a season, but sometimes a fad won’t stay hot even that long. Trends are important; they update your look and keep you current. Forget investment dressing with the idea of keeping “good work suits” for 10 years. You wear this stuff every day. You clean it, it gets tired looking. Certain fabulous pieces such as a great jacket, blouse, bead corset, or evening accessories can last for years. Certain gloves and bags can — and have –endured for generations.
Collectables lead to a signature style. They become deeply personal statements that express the essence of you. Style doesn’t depend on whether you are wearing the latest style, but on how well what you wear reflects your style and flatters your figure.
I have noticed many women admire other women who have a definite style signature.  They admire a fabulous bracelet collection or even a single stunning bangle. They notice the woman who always wears a scarf with élan – that elusive skill. Oh, don’t forget the girl with the shoes! Does she always wear skyscraper heels or fab flats? In jeans or a gown, you always remember her shoes.
Everyone knows Vogue’s iconic editor Anna Wintour by her dark glasses and streaked bob. She is the same classic “Anna Wintour” rain or shine! Diana Vreeland, the last great Vogue editor before Anna, looked like a Kabuki performer with her black lacquered bob and rouged cheeks. Her style is still inspiring designers.
A style signature helps define you. It gives you confidence, it’s armor you put on to face the world. A great bracelet or pair or shoes always makes you feel fabulous even if you are wearing an old suit or weighing in a bit over your ideal.
Like it or not, how we look sends a message. So why not have it reflect who you really are, as well as today’s passing fad or trend?
Fashion is fabulous but style is iconic and can last a lifetime. So darlings, how high are your heels? How fabulous are your flats? What’s your style signature?