Guacamole light

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There is a new “light” guacamole recipe making the rounds. It contains frozen peas to cut the fat and calories. Some consider this hearsay, but as a woman who is always watching her weight, I am more open-minded.


This is my version. Try it and decide for yourself. I also add chopped tomato. It is definitely not “authentic” guacamole, but is delicious and a nice change if you are cutting calories. I also use Engage Organics Mex Mix spice blend which can use to taste and omit all the salt if you wish for health reasons.


1 large ripe avocado, mashed (You can use a fork for this if the avocado is as ripe as it should be)

½ cup fresh or frozen peas — cooled or defrosted and pureed

1 small clove of garlic mashedimusa handheld Citrus Squeezer

1/4 – 1/2 tsp Engage organics salt free Mex Mix spice blend


Juice of one lemon

I used the IMUSA handheld Citrus Squeezer with a great ergonomic design. So easy and you get all the juice. This is an amazing tool and under $10 at Target and Bed, Bath and Beyond.

Mix all the ingredients very well



½ finely diced and drained ripe tomatoes

Optional: Finely sliced cilantro

Salt to taste


Feel free to double this for a larger serving


Serve with fresh vegetables or tortilla chips