A mother and daughter saga

Traveling with Pomegranates by Sue Monk Kidd and Ann Kidd Taylor is part travel log and part coming age book. Sue Monk Kidd is the acclaimed author of the bestselling book The Secret Life of Bees. In this book, she and her daughter Ann, come of age. Ann deals with what she will do after university. Sue grapples with life as a mature woman. The two women are on a trip to Greece. Ann is discouraged and down hearted becaue she has lost both fiancé and has been rejected from her first-choice graduate school.

Sue grapples with what do with final third of third of her life. She is also tortured by her fighter’s unhappiness.
It is an interesting book, but it annoyed me. I found Sue Monk Kid’s fixation with her age ridiculous and melodramatic. As the mother of a recent collage grad and just entering menopause, she is far from the “crone” archetype she spends so much of book trying to accept. Her daughter Ann also seems unduly hammered by slight setbacks in life, ands spend much of the book drifting. But then again, grappling with aging and being overwhelmed by life’s setbacks seem to be common problems today, so perhaps less impatient readers will be les annoyed.
As the book progresses, it becomes more interesting as Sue find the spiritual inspiration for The Secret Life of Bees. On her return trip to Europe with Ann and group of other women she becomes fascinated with the black Madonna. She traces these Madonna’s and their history throughout Europe and to the New World. This is later incorporated in the book The Secret Life of Bees.
Ann Taylor Kidd and Sue Monk Kidd Her daughter Ann is fascinated by and clings to the image of Greek goddess Athena. She draws strength from the image as she struggles to find purpose in life.
This is a strange and compelling book that will appeal spiritual seekers.