Carrie Underwood’s showstopper dress

 Don O'NeillImagine a dress that becomes a kaleidoscope, a light show of colourful animated drawings, twinkling stars, and even butterflies that sail skyward.
It’s not the fiery fantasy that the fictional heroine Katniss Everdeen wore in the Hunger Games. It’s the satin, bell-shaped wonder that country crossover singer Carrie Underwood wore at the Grammys. The gown was so awe-inspiring, it all but outshone the song she was singing.
“When I received the call from Carrie’s stylist, Trish Townsend, asking me to make the dress, I felt a rush of excitement,” said Don O’Neill, “and immediately said I’d be thrilled and honored to design a gown for her.”
O’Neill is the creative director of Theia, the house that made the dress. He explained that a team of four artisans labored more than 80 hours to make the platinum garment from 10 yards of Duchess Satin, 100 yards of tulle, and crinoline.
“The inside corset is hand-embroidered with thousands of Swarovski crystals and the four and a half foot wide skirt was designed to seamlessly fuse fashion with projection technology.” 


While Carrie sang, technicians sprayed the lighting effects on her garment in finely-focused beams.The result was a tour de force of fashion and showmanship befitting the Greek goddess of light for whom Theia is named. The mythical spirit made everything she gazed upon glimmer and glow. She even gave gold and silver their gleam. 

She certainly cast her glittery rays upon Carrie Underwood.