Astonished, a spiritual journey

Astonished: A Story of Evil, Blessings, Grace, and Solace by Beverly Donofrio is a story of faith. Donofrio hit as a writer when she wrote about her transition from “bad girl” to mom in Riding in the Car with Boys.
In Astonished, Donofrio is ready to enjoy new found maturity and serenity at 55. She has moved to an expat enclave in Mexico and bought a house a lovely house. Life is good until a violent crime steals her peace of mind.
Donofrio becomes the victim of a perverted serial rapist of older women. She later helps to catch and convict the rapist, but she loses her faith. She feels God has deserted her.
The book chronicles Donofrio's attempt to regain her faith and find God after the rape that leaves her shaken. She visits five different monasteries and enters a convent where she spends four years as a Carmelite nun in her quest.
In this unique and often disconcerting memoir, Donofrio’s completes a modern biblical journey of redemption from whore to Madonna. Whatever your beliefs, her story is fascinating.

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