Just because you say it doesn’t mean it’s true

NewGraceyPicw1Click on the top title to open All too often too often gossip and speculation are accepted as fact. And too many people think it is fine to repeat a nasty rumour as long as “they didn’t start it”.  PR mavens know if you say something often enough and loud enough many people will believe it.  Recently, I was watching a reality TV show when one woman told another that one of her friends’ husbands had slept with his mother-in-law. I know the point of many of these shows is to shock. I also am aware that, sadly, this type of thing happens. But, this was such a nasty allegation I was horrified. And I am horrified every time I encounter someone anxious to spread pain and misery by repeating hurtful information. It happens all too often. 

On reality shows the saying is, “just because you say it doesn’t mean it it’s true”. But say it often enough and enough people will believe it.The wicked thing about malicious gossip is that, true or not, it grows stronger and more poisonous every time it is repeated. So the next time someone tells you something nasty, risky, or scandalous about someone else remember that the easiest way to stop kill a rumour is simply not to repeat it. And, by the way darlings, you can be fairly certain that if someone gossips to you they also gossip about you. 

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Gossip, addiction, and growing up

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Shut -it down

Fabulous supportive friends are a source of wealth, but true friendship is a two-way street. Darlings, I am not recommending that you fight everyone’s battles or involve yourself in all the dramas that come your way – far from it. The world thrives on drama and much of it is small, tiresome and distracting. But gossip and bullying is soul-destroying, so help shut it down. It’s initiated by the jealous and small-minded. Often disinterest alone can squelch nasty natterers. Life is too short to spend time down in the mud with rumour, petty gossip, and pointless manipulation. Be smart and strategic, but draw the line at pointless negative behaviour. Elevate yourself with those who seek to make life sweet.

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