Good girls gone bad

Pretty Woman great movie but a lousy role modelIf you read the background of all porn stars like Jenna Jameson and girls who end up flaunting the glories of the sex trade, they do not come from happy lives. According to her biography Jenna was gang-raped as a teen and lost her mother at an early age. Tales of young women in the sex trade are similar or worse. For all their bravado, they usually do not wind up with happy endings. I have a feeling that women who end up as so-called “hostesses in bars” and home-wreckers come from unsavory situations too.

If you are in Atlanta this week you may be beautifully uplifted at the “First Annual Battle of The Salons” sponsored by The Nina J. Spicer Foundation Inc., bringing awareness to the community about the causes and prevention of cancer. Nina was a model, dancer and a beauty show coordinator. She received the news of her fate with liver and lung cancer one year before she passed away at 33 years old.


Believe me darlings, none of this is an excuse for these young women and the havoc they wreak. Tragic things happen to many young women who do not go into the sex trade or pursue married men. But, if you see a young woman who is struggling, try to help. Horrific things happen to young girls all the time. Sometimes just the pain of growing up can be too much without a friend. Extend your hand, and see if you can help. It is amazing the how a little love can change a young life.
Shine your light and walk with grace. It’s going to be a lovely spring!
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