An appetite for life

Good Enough to Eat by Stacey Ballis is a delectable modern romance. 

Melanie Hoffman was once a heavyweight lawyer — and a heavy girl, too. When she loses more than a hundred pounds, she also loses her husband to her former best friend, who is bigger than she used to be. So she takes her pride and her share of the house money, and opens a restaurant. As a recent culinary school grad, her budget is tight, but she loves her new career friends. Now Melanie just has to learn to make peace with her new life as a mature single woman with stretch marks and a fragile heart. 

The book is a fun read and Ballis has good knack for capturing the dilemmas that single women face today. She gives Melanie a colourful, but believable coterie of friends, including a waif of a roommate. Nadia teaches Melanie that the best way to start over can be to leave the past in the past.
This book will delight romantics, especially those who believe in second chances.