Unexpected pleasures

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All travel from ambitious treks to short little roads trips offer the opportunity for annoyance but also for small unexpected pleasures.  This last little trip held a few for me. I was delighted by amazingly comfortable the beds at the Gold Strike Casino. The linens as well as the beds themselves are like sleeping on a cloud. For a notorious “princess and pea” sleeper like me it was heaven. I found the value for money in the entire region impressive. Many people perceive the South as being less expensive and that is often far from the truth.  But in I found  very comfortable hotels for $100 for night or less. Tickets and cover charges are often under $10 for excellent live entertainment. This trip held many small unexpected pleasures: a delicious bed, a museum full of ancient treasures, and beautiful riverfront.  Make summer memories. It will be fall before you know it. 

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