Go Moroccan!

The next time you are stumped for dinner or want to plan a fun but low-stress dinner party — go Moroccan. This crowd-pleased is tasty and full of rich spices, but not at all hot. 

150 of The Best Tagine Recipes by Pat Crocker captures the scent and flavour of Morocco’s famous slow-cooked tagine cuisine. A tagine is flavourful slow-cooked dish from North Africa. It is also the name of the two-piece domed or cone-lidded baking dish used to make it.
Crocker includes a primer on Moroccan ingredients and cooking vessels. The book explains the different types of tagines you can buy, which come in various materials and sizes. The tagine’s magic is that it slowly concentrates flavours by allowing juices to condense on the lid and then drip back into the food.
Crocker includes succulent recipes for all types of tagines including meat, chicken, fish and vegetable. The book also has ideas for dips, spreads, and sweets, so you can plan a themed evening.
I really like this book. The directions are clear and easy to follow, and the photographs are mouthwatering. I adored the section on spices and ingredients.
This is a great book for beginners and more experienced cooks. Hostesses with flair will adore it!