Go away, little Grinch!


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Darlings, I know it has been a rough year!

DolceDolce.com readers know that my heart breaks for the victims

of terrorism, hate, discrimination and poverty.

But, suggestions I have read to cut out decorating and gift giving are

written in a righteous tone and get my ire up.

I believe the best way fight darkness is with light!

So deck your halls! Give your gifts! They shouldn’t cost a fortune.


There is a reason all cultures and most (excepting fanatical sects)

religions light the darkest season and feast in the cold – and it is to reaffirm life! Just tell the little Grinches in your life to go away!

Now my darlings, this should break the bank —

as my dear friend and finance Guru Buffie Purselle would say

– don’t go “Ballin if you should be financially crawling” but celebrate!

Open your heart, light your lights, and let your heart and your love shine.

No matter you’re what your affiliation or faith this is truly a joyful time!

Share with those in need and celebrate with those you hold dear!


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