Potent anti-oxidant for anti-aging

Special Holiday kit while they last for $205 --gives you a free $49 eye creamGlytone is one of the most respected names in clinical strength anti-aging products. They developed one of the first anti-aging lines used in dermatology practices — and they are still bringing us the most advanced aging products.

This Glytone line contains the most technologically-advanced forms of timed-released Vitamin C, E, and Red Tea flavaniods from Rooibos that are proven to be 30 percent more effective than green tea.
There are three products: Glytone Anti-aging Serum, Glytone Anti-Aging Day Cream and Glytone Anti-aging Eye Cream.
Glytone Anti-Aging Day Cream contains six percent glycolic acid, Vitamin E, Red Tea Flavaniods, and moisture-binding hyaluronic acid.
Glytone Anti-aging Eye Cream
This fabulous eye cream has caffeine for de-puffing eyes and powerful Red Tea anti-oxidants to reverse environmental damage to skin. There is also glycolic acid to reduce lines and licorice extracts to lighten and brighten the eye area. This light eye cream gives quick results as it tightens and refreshes.
This Glytone anti-aging line is a brilliant alternative for anyone who does not react well to retinal or Retin A, but who still wants a powerful and effective anti-aging line.




Out, damned spot!

Luxe daily routineIronically there is nothing like a summer of fun in the sun to leave skin looking anything but healthy. By fall summer’s “golden girls” are often looking a bit faded. Even with regular sun screen and moisturizer use, sports, humidity, and skin-parching air conditioning can leave skin looking beaten up. Even accidental sun exposure can bring out dark spots called hyperpigmentation. Humidity can cause acne to flare.

Until recently the only effective over-the-counter treatment for hyperpigmentation was hydroquinone. Even if you went to dermatologist, they just offered you very strong hydroquinone cream. Now, stronger pricey prescription creams are available that combine hydroquinone with other ingredients. They are more efficient at removing the spots, but they also have serious side effects for some women. Some dermatologists offer peels or special laser treatments to remove or reduce the dreaded spots. 
Even though numerous studies have found hydroquinone to be safe, it has been banned in some countries, such as France and South Africa. Its use has raised concerns about an increased risk of cancer and ochronosis, or darkening of the skin. I have friends who have had their skin darkened with hydroquinone.
That’s why I was quick to try Lumixyl. It is a complex of oilopeptides (group of amino acids) that has been found to significantly inhibit tyrosinase, the rate-limiting enzyme in melanin production. In other words, it stops the chemicals that produce unwanted brown spots.
I am seldom in the sun and never without a strong SPF. But occasionally on vacation I will get small patches of hyperpigmentation from the strong sun despite my precautions. The Lumixyl Brightening system is fabulous. I think it is the most exciting new product I have seen in years. The combination of glycolic acid and the Lumixyl peptides makes fast work of any discoloration without disturbing side effects. According to studies done by Lumixyl, it takes eight weeks to see significant improvement for moderate or severe hyperpigmentation. There are great before and after shots with clear medical lighting on their site. I got rid of my little patch in a week, but it was very light and I had taken prompt action. I am a fanatic about skin care!
The Lumixyl Topical Brightening System has four products, including Active-Prep Cleanser, Topical Brightening Creme, GlycoPeel 20 Rapid Exfoliating Lotion, and Moisture-Lock Sunscreen SPF 30.  
Luximyl also helps to clear acne. The combination of peptides and Glycolic acid smoothes skin and improves texture, moisturizes, and also stimulates collagen and elastin. All in all, it improves your skin’s appearance and helps to keep it firm and beautiful.
Lumixyl is luxurious to use. The cleanser smells and feels divine. The sun screen is non-chemical titanium dioxide, which makes it effective and non-irritating to sensitive skin. And all the products are full of anti-oxidants!
Not just for spots
It is available only from doctors’ office at this time. The line is fabulous for anyone dealing with moderate to severe brown spots that have not responded to over-the-counter products such as Olay Definity. The Olay product is excellent and well-priced, but it may not remove stubborn cases of hyperpigmentation. But it is also an excellent option for anyone like me who just wants an effective luxurious anti-aging regime.
Darlings, whatever your complaints – acne, oily skin, wrinkles, fine lines, sagging, spots, dry skin – you can improve your skin and have a beautiful glowing complexion. We have the technology.

Peel your skin problems away


When it comes to fighting the battle scars of age, leave it to a dermatologist to come up with a sure-fire, no-nonsense approach.  I am very impressed with AB skincare by Dr. Craig Austin of New York. Dr. Austin is an experienced dermatologist and dermatopathologist.
I started having glycolic peels in my 30s. I was lucky enough to have doctors who thought it was unnecessary to subject normal skin to harsh, burning chemical peels. (Those who need to remove scars may need more extreme treatments.) My doctors believed that frequent gentler peels could be effective and result in softer, prettier, less-traumatized skin. The philosophy has served me well. My skin is firm, youthful, and relatively unmarked.
The AB Skincare line is simplicity itself. The basis of the line is a 10 percent-strength glycolic facial pads. There are also 15 and 20 percent glycolic acid pads for hands and feet, as well as acne treatment pads that combine glycolic acid with salicylic acid.
According to Dr. Austin, the daily use of the pads is the equivalent of an in-office peel. The treatment helps reduce fine lines and hyper-pigmentation, and stimulate collagen production. I love the pads; I find them the perfect way to keep my skin fresh between treatments with my own derm or cosmetic acupuncturist. It’s also economical. Many ineffective peels cost almost as much, and many peel products sold over the Internet are plain unsafe.
Dr. Austin’s AB Skincare glycolic pad regime gives results that are identical or superior to the light or “lunch time” peels offered in many doctors’ offices and salons.  
The line also has a great eye cream. AB eye has all the right stuff: anti-oxidants, Vitamins A, C and E, green tea extract, and CO-Q 10. It has a super luxe feel due to its high hyaluronic acid content. It hydrates instantly; you can even use it to plump your lips. Austin is one skin doctor who did not miss a trick.
If you are looking for an economical way to try glycolic peels – or gave them up because of the expense – this line is for you. Currently there is a 10 percent holiday discount on all products.
Tip: Never toss a pad without getting the good from it. After you finish wiping your face, use the pad to wipe your décolleté and the back of the hands. Also don’t forget to use sun block; you will be extra sun-sensitive after any exfoliation treatment. 

A “Paris” peel that won’t leave you feeling roughed up

If you have shied away from peels and products containing hydroxy acids because they always leave your skin red and irritated, perhaps you should try the French approach to beauty. French women are ritualistic about their skin care. They won’t tolerate treatments that leave their faces ravaged. They know better. The French approach is one of gentle, effective daily dedication.Lierac Paris Comfort Peel Wrinkle Smoother

Lierac Paris Comfort Peel Wrinkle Smoother uses a unique time-release formula designed for maximum effectiveness and optimum tolerance. Used morning and night, it can help diminish fine lines, even skin tone, and leave skin moisturized – but with none of the redness usually associated with peels.
Their formula uses a Lierac Labs innovation: glycolic acid encapsulated in Cyclodestrins. Cyclodestrins are a natural molecule from the breakdown of sugar-starch. It also contains a new generation of salicylic acid anchored in Acacia gum macro-molecules. The acacia gum allows the salicylic acid to exfoliate without causing irritation. The final ingredient is urea, which is often used as a moisturizer as it helps bond water to the skin. At the 10 percent concentration used, it also has a keratolytic action that helps break the bonds between the skin cells for more rapid renewal.
Lierac Paris Comfort Peel Wrinkle Smoother is gentle but effective. It is the perfect product, if you have tried and found other peels too harsh. It is also a fabulous choice for a woman who prefers elegant, European-style, preservative-free skin care. http://www.lierac.us/   http://www.lierac.ca/