Gluten free

If you or someone in your family has celiac disease, you know how debilitating it can be, if you do not follow a wheat-free diet. It can be challenging to find tasty food that contains no gluten. Gluten, a derivative of wheat, can be hidden in sauces, condiments, and a variety of other products, as well in the more obvious pasta and bread.

is a practical and tasty guide to gluten-free cooking.

Quick-Fix Gluten Free


offers tasty recipes for everything from appetizers and breakfast to internationally inspired dishes, comfort foods, and mouth-watering desserts.

Chef Robert M. Landolphi 

There are 100 fast and easy recipes, such as Cinnamon Dusted French Toast, Kickin’ Paella, Gnocchi with Roasted Garlic Butter and Parmesan Cheese, and Aunt Lil’s Rich and Creamy Cheesecake.
The fast, fresh dishes will appeal to the whole family while adhering to a celiac diet. Quick-Fix Gluten Free allows everyone to enjoy crusty breads, creamy pastas, and even tasty cakes.